TecOS VIEW is the TecOS solution designed to show information in real time about your plant's assets status and to present it in layers over current facility drawings


Reduce Operating Costs

The integration of information allows for errors to be minimized and for plant status cheking to be optimized. Thus, it makes team members communication easier

Improve Safety

Knowing your plant assets status at any given time allows for an improvement in workers´safety

User - friendly

Information is represented over digitized plant documentation

Optimized Information

Machine learning technology is used to process the information and optimize the way it is presented to the users. Added information is shown in overlying layers for optimizing consultation times


Digitized automatically your drawings and add them all needed information for improving your operations in less than 30 minutes

Scalable and modular

Generate tailored layers and include your plant real documentation

TecOS VIEW will help you to..

Improve plant productivity

  • Automatic synchronization of the data
  • Easy access to information
  • Advanced search filters
  • Combination of layers/views for information
  • Easy to use. Information shown over digitized plant drawings
  • Less time needed for task planning

Ensure the safety of your operations activities

  • Be aware of plant equipment status before task assignation
  • Coordinate people to avoid risks
  • Plan tasks form the standpoint of workers, environment and facilities safety

Integrable with your management system

  • Integrable with clients management and production tools and with automatic updates
  • Information securely accessible from anywhere through your web browser
  • Different profiles can be created for different roles
Efficiency Safety Integration

What can you do?

TecOS VIEW is the TecOS solution designed to show information in real time about your plant's assets status and to present it in layers over current facility drawings. This makes workers' user experience better and improves your plant's safety and efficiency.

Digitize drawings automatically in less than 30 minutes. The tool identifies the significant parts of each drawing and compares them to the plant instrument database so that the different layers of information can be included atop the drawings

Quickly access each one of your plant's components to get to know their status, as well as any other relevant information such as the plant’s state and number of work orders. This information is always in sync with your management and production tools

The program includes all necessary information on the drawings in real time in order to improve efficiency and safety throughout the plant

Ask about your pilot project

How does it work?

TecOS VIEW is the TecOS Suite solution that allows for improved efficiency and safety in maintenance operations and general operations at your facility

TecOS VIEW Smart searches

Quickly find all pieces of plant equipment on the different drawings. Browse the drawings intuitively and without having to access menus

Visualize in a layer over the assets the needed information to manage plant work tasks

TecOS VIEW Integrated layers

Include the extended information that you need on top of your own drawings and manage it easily at all times. The tool currently has the following layers built in:

- Tracking action steps in procedures and rounds of work
- Linking equipment with electrical drawings
- Presentation of, and interaction with, the current state of local equipment to display the system's true alignment


The TecOS VIEW tool can accept as many drawing series as the client requires

There is no limit to the number of drawings associated with a TecOS VIEW layer. There is also no limit to the number of pieces of equipment that can be shown on each drawing

Yes, there are different ways to navigate amongst the drawings for a layer. This can be done with direct links on the drawing itself, by using preset links in the drawing's borders, or in a more classical way through selection on a list

Yes, the tool's user can set the plant function that is to be presented atop the interface's layers at any time

Yes, the user selects the plant functions to be displayed simultaneously and they are shown together on the drawings and the lists of information

Yes, by combining different search filters, more accurate results can be obtained with the TecOS VIEW tool. The search results are shown on the drawings where the information is found

Yes. Tecnatom provides training on TecOS VIEW so that the client can use it autonomously if so desired – including training on how to update facility drawings

It can be accessed from anywhere by means of a web browser (we recommend you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). You must have login credentials in order to access TecOS VIEW

We can configure this tool using as starting point the most common drawing formats. Please contact us to check that your drawings are compatible with it.

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