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tecnatom operations suite

The smart way

... to manage your energy and industrial assets.

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Experience Innovation

TecOS Suite ensure the safe, efficient and excellent operation of energy and industrial plants. Facilitate our client´s daily work at all levels of the organization.

Experience and innovation come together to provide high value-added solutions to our customers. Tecnatom is evolving its services and products, incorporating digital technologies, such as mobility, data analysis, augmented reality, artificial intelligence.

Takes advantage of the operation data, equipment condition and inspection and testing results to support the best decisions at the plants, maximizing the business results.

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Solutions Products


Computerized procedures solution for control room and field.


Isi web

Nuclear inspection management solution.



High performance Supervision tool. Smart visualization of plant status in order to identify early deviations and reduce user´s cognitive workload.



Virtual Interactive P&IDs tool for on-line representation of clearances and work permits on interactive plant maps and diagrams.



Predictive monitoring solution for detecting early degradations.



Smart alarms management.



Inspection management solution.



Performance monitoring and optimization suite.



Fossil-fuel plants start-up supervision system, with the aim of optimize time, power and fuel.


PTC Manager

Power Track Components management tool.



Assisted diagnostic solution that Identifies components malfunctions or degradations.



Technical Specifications monitoring and tracking system.

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Modular Management

Modular and integrated suite for plant management

Plant operation

TecOS suite supplies your plant with the proper tools for taking the control of your plant by increasing plant crew coordination and guiding in the planned procedures and process-to-follow. Thus, it will translate in a reduction of human error and cognitive workload.

Increase production

TecOS provides your plant personnel with solutions that allow the reliable and efficient execution of procedures and field tasks and the planification and execution of testing and inspections.

Reduce O&M Costs

TecOS guides your team in the:

  • Improvement of fuel and auxiliary consumption (gas, coal, steam, etc.)

  • Reduction of environmental impact (CO2 and gases emissions, solid and liquid wastes, … )

  • Optimization of maintenance, inspections and assets replacement.

These reductions will translate into money savings and profit gains.

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