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Intelligent displays design developed by Tecnatom, based on its experience in Human Factors Engineering and control rooms design. It provides global overview at a glance and applies smart icons which incorporate dynamic information, synthetized using geometrical shapes, colors, etc., It is applyed at control and monitoring rooms and monitoring solutions interfaces and reports. Thanks to pattern recognition, it allows global visualization and early detection of deviations. Furthermore, it reduces human error and user´s cognitive workload.



- We integrate the data from different sources and present it in an effective way that is adapted to uses .
- Smart Icons merge shapes, colors, and figures to ensure that critical parameters are not overlooked.


- Our experience in Human Factors Engineering is applied to how information is presented to help with plant supervision, early error detection, and decision making .


- Minimizes human error .
- Reduces navigation .
- Reduces cognitive load .
- Supports decision making .
- Helps with early error detection.


- Data from any source is combined in accordance with process patterns and actionable events .
- Pattern recognition and integration of intelligent information (Tec Icons).


- Design based on a comprehensive study of the needs, characteristics, and daily routine of each user .
- Personalized and relevant information is presented in order to undertake the tasks efficiently.

TecOS SUPERVISE features


  • The displays can be generated with the plant's DCS software.
  • Or they can run on a higher layer; for example, using the Tecnatom software, which has optimal graphics capabilities.


  • Visualization can be done either on the existing hardware of the plant or on dedicated machines.
  • Accessible remotely if cloud architecture is chosen.
  • The Smart Displays technology is also applied in TecOS solutions interfaces.
  • Creates visual reports focused on critical information.

Real customer reviews

Improve your times and work flows.
Up to 25%
Reduction in navigation time
Up to 4
Signals integrated in a simple tecicon
Up to 10
Signals integrated in a complex tecicon
Up to 25%
Increase signals represented by foil
Up to 45%
Reduction in number of interfaces

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What can you do?

TecOS SUPERVISE can be applied in any sector where there is a user interface: electric generation (nuclear, fossil fuel, renewable), distribution, oil and gas sector, industrial sectors, etc. Our methodology analyzes and identifies the information required by user profile and objectives. Thus, TecOS SUPERVISE can be suitable for any user approach, such as operation overview, component monitoring or high level supervision.

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How does it work?

TecOS SUPERVISE allows you to check your assets or process status at a glance, reducing the cognitive load. Its smart icons provide integrated, visual and intuitive information that support prompt detection of deviations and informed decisions making.

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How are interfaces geared towards different users?

The design is based on a methodology developed by Tecnatom that analyzes the relationship between the end user and the work environment and its limits.

If it is decided not to use the plant software to design the interfaces and instead to use the TecOS SUPERVISE software, are any other thypes of software needed?
What deployment is preferred for this tool?

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