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Predictive monitoring of plant equipment to identify events and avoid failures. Early malfunction identification results in reliability, safety and performance improving of the assets, while reducing the maintenance costs.



-Analysis and filtering of alerts by experts, avoiding false positives and optimizing the workflow.
-Early detection, diagnosis and prediction of deviations.


-Flexible architecture guaranteeing high safety standards. 


-Thanks to the early identification of degradations, the time to act is maximized by mitigating the possible damage.


-Reduced maintenance costs by allowing for earlier planning of actions and replacement of components, avoiding unplanned downtime.

ACM is the TecOs suite’s solution that applies predictive monitoring of plant equipment to indetify events and avoid failures.

An early malfunction identification results in reliability, safety and performance improving of the assets, while reducing the maintenance costs.
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22 October11:00h

Vuca vs Vuca.

29 September-

Traceability solution and management of the main components of a gas turbine.

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