Smart Digital solution for monitoring the operating conditions of nuclear assets in order to ensure their operation within the design limits.



– Operating within the design parameters allows for safety improvement, enabling early detection of potential deviations and speeding up the response needed to return within normal operating limits.


-Information is displayed by means of block diagrams and colours in order to facilitate its monitoring and understanding.


Assisted diagnostic for identification and understanding of the events taking place within the plant. Directed by expert knowledge and data science .


– The critical information for plant operation is integrated into a single tool, speeding up the identification of operational status.

TecOS SPEC features

The plant is monitored and under control at all times
Integrated information for query optimization

What can you do?

TecOS SPEC is the TecOS solution for the supervision of TecSpecs (Operating Technical Specifications), LCO’s (Limiting Conditions for Operation) and SR’s (Surveillance Requirements) and of the variables of which they are comprised.

Using a web interface and alerts, the user can gain insight into whether or not the plant is operating within the design parameters and, if this is not the case, into the time recommended to return the plant to its operating conditions or the actions to be implemented if this is not possible.

Continuous supervision. Using icons and colour codes,TecOS SPEC tool immediately identifies the overall status of the plant.

Customised alerts. The user is provided with customised alerts that warn him/her of potential operational deviations.

How does it work?

TecOS SPEC is one of the digital solutions of the Tecnatom TecOS ecosystem that provides support in the operation of nuclear power plants, reducing errors in the interpretation of limiting conditions for operation. This implies the improvement of plant safety, availability and operating costs.

TecOS SPEC tool may be installed either in a cloud infrastructure or on-premise servers.

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