TecOS GIPE provides a systematic approach and integrates all inspection and testing needs



- Fast access to current and historical data
- Critical information is easily understood


- User-friendly interface for inspection programming
- Inspection progress follow-up to detect deviations


- Decision making tool based on the analysis of previous results data
- Inspection progress follow-up to detect deviations


- Information displayed in the right format to assist decision makers
- Embedded pictures and documents

TecOS GIPE will help you to…


  • Automatic inspection plan
  • Gantt diagram inspection management
  • Inspection reports


  • All inspections data displayed in the right format to assist decision makers
  • Useful life evaluation based on thermal fluency and fatigue. Proposal of inspection schedule based on remnant life
  • Graphical Representation of inspection scope and results. Report Builder and Dashboard


  • Inspection manual update and inspection plan based on all the information analysis
  • Automatic data storage
Efficiency Analysis Costs

What can you do?

User-friendly interface

- Graphical representation of inspection areas showing inspection scope and results
- Inspection techniques specific modules
- Dashboard to represent results

Data Storage and Report Builder

- Inspection sheets generated by the tool.
- Automatic Data Storage
- Integrates all fleet inspections data
- Generate and stores reports

Project Planning and Inspection plan tracking

- Based on inspection plan program, automatic Gantt diagram generation to survey, manage and optimize the inspection process
- Tracking of inspection progress by each task
- Information analysis to optimize future inspections

How does it work?

GIPE Execution

GIPE Users

TecOS GIPE may be used in industries where inspections are programmed, planned and executed. It warranties the accomplishment with applied regulations and supports the efficient decision making to optimize the overall inspection costs. TecOS GIPE may be used in power plants (coal, gas, renewable), Oil&Gas, industrial

TecOS GIPE main users are inspection programmers, maintenance managers, fleet outage managers and, inspection data analysts

Execution Main Users


Yes, all the existing data on the inspections can be integrated in the system so we can analyze the information for our best decision making.

TecOS GIPE supports all the main inspection techniques.

Tecnatom can build the inspection manual for your plant/industry so you can take advantage of this tool benefits.


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