TecOS PROCEED covers all Plant Procedures Cycle


From Users to Users

We are experts in plant operations and engineering, plant procedures writting and reviewing and Human Factors Engineering

100% comitted

With our clients´ current and future needs. With TecOS PROCEED continuous development. With Environment, as we reduce paper use

assure human efficency

TecOS adherence to PPA-AP-907.005.1 requirements, greatly increases worker´s efficiency during procedure execution

integrable and customizable tool

Integrable with any other digital solution and usable with any modern plataform. Customizable to meet your specific requirements

adaptable deployment to your needs

Including network topology and cyber security network segmentation

data analysis

Improve plant or fleet operation experience, plan manoeuvres or identify training needs, taking informed decissions

TecOS PROCEED will help you to..

take plant control

  • Minimize human error and workload
  • Prevent outdate procedures
  • Increase plant crew coordination

increase production and save time

  • Reduce events that affects plant production
  • Identify best practices and lessons learned for the whole fleet
  • Improve execution process

reduce o&m cost

  • Reduce plant O&M costs by simplifying procedures management
  • Monitor key equipment and parameters
control production cost

estimaded cost saving based in a solid business case

5% procedure creation modification processes
5% elimination of paper
20% procedure execution
35% post-execution activities
20% human error training benefits
Find out your hypothetical savings
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What can you do?

The TecOS PROCEED solution covers the entire life cycle of procedures from creation to execution. It counts on two modules, editing and execution, that permit all these operations to be carried out

Editing: Procedure authoring and editing module

Execution: Web based application and App designed to execute field procedures using mobiles devices (even in areas with no connetivity)

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How does it work?

TecOS PROCEED Computerized Procedure System; the TecOS solution that will improve the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the plant while reducing human error and saving money

TecOs PROCEED Editing Tool

Simplify procedure creation, edition and review while follow an efficient procedure version management process

Benefit from a great users experience. Smooth the transition from paper-based to computer-based procedures

TecOS PROCEED Execution

Execute plant procedures in an agile form, access the documents you need and link them to the step required. Know real time equipment status and benefits from other functionalitties that improve shift coordination

Optimize and facilitate execution with the step by step help. Supervise work in a real-time, track plant procedure executon, know the steps completed, in progress and on stand-by

Use the mobility app to execute plant procedures in the field.  Download needed procedures and support documentation and work in the field although no connectivity is available

Take pictures, audio records or videos and add them to a specific step. Benefit from QR code reading and user plant positioning systems to reduce human error

Desktop Mobility


No special technical skills are needed rather than basic office automation for working with this user-friendly tool.

No third-party software is needed

The deployment of TecOS PROCEED can be adapted to the specific customers’ needs, including network architecture and cyber security constrains.

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