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On-line monitoring of the plant performance to identify, allocate and monetize the performance losses. It is a useful tool for the plant personnel to diagnose equipment and system malfunctions related to thermal efficiency and optimize the operating strategy.


From expert to client

Experts in process, performance, operation, maintenance and engineering with the latest technology .


Performance online monitoring services are offered from Tecnatom's monitoring centre, in addition to regular reports, recommendations and on-demand assistance. Adaptable tool to any facility technology. Specific models for each plant (Digital Twin).


Information is shown intelligently through human factors engineering implementation, offering a quick insight into any possible deviations while facilitating the decision-making process. Information accessible from anywhere.


Assisted diagnostic for identification and understanding of the events taking place within the plant. Directed by expert knowledge and data science .


On-line remote monitoring. Plant operation optimisation. Identifying, allocating and monetizing the performance losses.


Supporting decision-making on operation and maintenance strategies to maximize the company's results. Monitoring key equipment and its parameters.


Identification and monetization
Identifies, allocates and monetizes the plant's performance-based losses.
Quantifies the performance losses of the plant in accordance to plant instrumentation and thermohydraulic balances, estimating any non-instrumented variables.
Based on the ASME PTC guides and more than 60 years of experience.
Monitoring services
Tool calculates for every parameter, component and system the deviation between the real and the objective value and quantifies this deviation in terms of production and cost.
All information is provided to support users decision making on O&M strategies and to maximize the company's results.
Tecnatom provides services to support the performance monitoring carried out by our operation, maintenance and performance experts from our monitoring centre.

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What can you do?

TecOS SOLCEP enables many other operations to be carried out, in addition to online monitoring plant performance. These are made up mainly by:

Assisted diagnostic

Helps the user to identify any anomaly in the plant components or systems. This module contains all the experience gained by Tecnatom over the last 60 years in power plant processes and operations, thermohydraulics and asset management.

What-if simulator
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How does it work?

TecOS SOLCEP is the TecOS solution that will improve the Performance and Optimize the operation of the plant while saving money. It can be deployed on cloud or on-premise-

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Smart Interface

TecOS SOLCEP interface is based on another TecOS solution: TecOS SUPERVISE

This high level interface aims to help the users to improve their performance through pattern recognition and the smart integration of information.

Assisted Diagnostic Module

Assisted diagnostic allows the operator to identify the malfunction or degradation that is taken place in plant.

When faced with a malfunction or degradation, "diagnostic" column will show the possible causes while "verification" column will show the actions that need to be taken by the operator to limit the problem, with the overall aim of producing a quick and clear diagnostic.

What-if Module

What-if module is a stationary simulator with the objective of optimising the plant objectives. User must select the data entry for What-if: current or historical, design data. Then, operator may carry out different manoeuvres in order to increase production with the same fuel or use less fuel to obtain same power leve.

l Some of these manoeuvres are:
- Modifying fuel composition or environmental conditions
- Using degradated components
- Modifying control setpoints


Do I have to implement all of the TecOS SOLCEP modules?

No, the TecOS SOLCEP modules can be acquired independently.

What type of deployment is preferred for this tool?
Is there any user training course included?
What type of monitoring services are provided?
Is there a specific TecOS SOLCEP for my plant?
Can I have access to the data from anywhere?

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