TecOS PTC Manager will help you to track the gas turbines main components life management.



- Codified database for all components and functional locations
- Historical data of all the start-ups and operation tracking


- Control of Equivalent Operating Hours (EOH), Start-ups, Remnant life, refurbishments
- EOH projection to schedule replacements


- Maintenance costs tracking for gas turbine main components including reject costs
- Optimizing maintenance budgets from OEM

TecOS PTC Manager will help you to…


  • Components and functional locations codified
  • Management of massive changes in components status


  • According to the status (mounted, warehouse, stock) and Operation history (EOH, start-ups, refurbishments)
  • Costs tracking


  • Remnant life calculation based on EOH and start-ups according to the vendor or standard independent methodologies
  • Schedule components replacement based on projected operating hours
Management Tracking Calculation

PTC Manager Execution

PTC Manager Users

TecOS PTC Manager is used in plants with gas turbines such as combined cycles, open cycle plants, cogeneration, Oil&Gas or other industries

TecOS PTC Manager main users are the plants maintenance managers

Execution User


Yes, if the operation information and components replacements records are available you can implement it.

It is an important tool to support our clients during LTSA negotiation

This web-based application can be deployed on-premise or on-cloud.


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