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octubre 7, 2019

Intelligent interfaces offer an improved experience for users interacting with distinct control, monitoring or supervision systems, by presenting the information in a visual and intuitive manner.

Extra importance is placed on the power to represent information using smart icons, offering additional value to these interfaces.

In this article, we discuss the characteristics and benefits of these smart icons in the Smart Displays.

The value of the smart icons and customizing.

Smart icons are figures that make up and relate variables that should be jointly monitored. And they do so in a very visual manner, through shapes, colors, symmetries and patterns. So, they contain a large quantity of information, and they present it in a simple and intuitive manner.

The use of these icons and a specific platform dedicated to the interfaces implementation offers the freedom to design specific icons for use in specific applications.

The enrichment of these icons with intelligent algorithms also allows for a high level of customizing, with optimal results for the function to be met.

The integration of more information in each interface.

The use of Intelligent Icons also allows for the integration of more information in each interface, without generating an increased load or saturation.

In the case of performance monitoring, for example, intelligent interfaces can integrate consumption information in thermodynamic and economic terms, whose data, in most cases, tends to be disaggregated.

In classic interfaces, where the information is more disseminated, the so-called “keyhole effect” takes place, consisting of the loss of information from the variables surrounding those that we are viewing.

Upon integrating more close or related information, we gain an improved overview, allowing for a greater awareness of what is happening at each moment (situation awareness).

Browsing reduction

As a result of the information condensation, the number of application interfaces decrease considerably, and therefore, so does the browsing.

The number of clicks made by the user is reduced, as is the time spent doing so. And at the same time, human errors are minimized, along with mishaps and omissions that may be linked to these browsing actions, which are necessary, but which add no value to the operation.

Friendly and current interface

At Tecnatom, we place great importance on the interface design, both from a functional and aesthetic perspective, so as to offer an optimal user experience.

We design and integrate intelligent interfaces for different applications and integrate them in our operating solutions.

An example of this is the updated performance monitoring tool, TecOS SOLCEP, which has a modern, practical and friendly interface.

Get to know the intelligent interface designs that we offer our clients with the TecOS SUPERVISE solution.

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